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Misty and Magical May in Lake Garda & The Studio

"May has been a misty and magical month so far. With weddings in Doncaster, Sheffield and Italy, there has been varied weather and varied styles of weddings. From the simple, amazing and relaxed location of Lake Garda in Italy to the rain and wind-swept hills of the peaks, and the hustle and bustle of 150 guests in a large hotel with only 45 minutes to do the main photos!

I have enjoyed the early wedding season, and a few pre-wedding shoots have taken place too. Yet again, we have had glorious sunshine, rain so bad the shoot had to be at the studio and then the showers and sun associated with April, not May! However, everything has gone well and nothing has spoiled anything, not even the weather!

I have just got back from my first Lake Garda wedding and am happy that some of my photographic styles from 2010 are appearing around the Lake from other suppliers! However, now we are in 2012 and I am still full of new ideas and the desire to do something individual and different with every couple, keep your eyes on this space, and then in 2 years, watch the others catch up!! I don't yet know if I am offened or if I take it as a compliment!




Eoin and Caroline from Dublin were my first of many weddings in Italy this year. Amazing couple, cute son, and weather and location to match. I hope you like this shot I did in an old orchard we found along the way. Again, its not the obvious mountain and lake shot (although we got PLENTY of those!), its something that most other's wouldn't think about looking for or doing on the conveyor belt that is a Lake Garda Wedding, where 3 or 4 people a day get married there, and the main photographers just conveyor belt it all up and whizz around doing the same tired old things wedding in, wedding out, year in, year out.


Another great wedding I did was in Doncaster at High Melton. I managed to get the kids to sit on the red carpet and took this great shot! I love it, although I think someone is not too sure about things by the looks of the photo :-).......... 

The studio has also been really busy with portraiture, and amongst the client's, I have had birthdays, babies,and even fitness photos!

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